Wednesday, May 30, 2018

#43 ~1982~First Rhythmic competition, FLA

How we enjoyed our life. With all the difficulties, surprises and shortages. I felt like the luckiest girl alive. My girls were growing, number of our students quadrupled, we were making lots of friends. But I missed my Rhythmic team. And the only way to start new Rhythmic gymnastics Team was exposure. So we picked 8  girls and offered them a trip to Tulsa, OK to watch  Rhythmic Gymnastics Nationals.
First Rhythmic Gymnastics Team sat United Gymnastics Academy.

Our trip was fun, exciting, with many stops and long conversations. Girls were so excited to start training and competing.

Another exciting thing happened: we sold our house in Detroit and my parents moved to Jacksonville. They lived with us first and then we rented an apartment for them next door. It was such a huge help for us. And Mom and dad were so happy to reunite with us again. My brother, Eduard moved to Las Vegas and enrolled to the Army. So proud of him!

My brother Eduard

While I was excited training my new Rhythmic team, Felix was very successful with Artistic Girls team, taking them on the local and State competitions
Look at all the medals!!!

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  1. Hi Marina!! Do you still have gymnastics equipment in storage for sale? I tried facebooking you but it wouldnt work. my email is or my cell is 315-729-2909 if you could let me know please! Thanks!