Wednesday, October 10, 2018

#30~ 1976~ Summer

How exciting everything is when it's your first time! First time going shopping, first time driving a car, first time writing a check, first time celebrating 4th of July and so much more. Our first picnic with friends...We had such a great time with food, fireworks, stories, kids running around, people laughing and telling stories!

4th of July picnic with Simon Yavener, our English teacher and friends.
We were invited to many dinners with our friends. But Felix was always so hungry, that he would eat right before we would go to dinner and then, of course, he would not eat. So everyone thought that he was a food snob. Sharon even asked me to let her know what is his favorite dish and she would make it. And I just could not explain that Felix does not want to be seen eating in front of people, so he just just eats before. I don't think anyone would understand.
When Elizabeth was just a baby, we went to visit our very good friends Marsha and Ed Lotstein. They had 2 kids, Deborah and Seth. What a lovely house they had. Kids had so many toys, and the kitchen was huge, with so many gadgets, I had no idea what they were for. Marsha had a lot of fun showing me an electric can opener, toaster, grill, electric skillet. I was just mesmerised! One of the memorable memories I have is when they served steaks. Each person, even kids had a huge piece. I kept looking at Felix and we understood each other without uttering a word. One of these pieces would feed an entire family in Ukraine. I had very mixed feelings: sadness, happiness, sorrow, pleasure... But when Marsha started cleaning the plates and throwing away the uneaten meat, I could not stay quiet. I said, "No, please, don't throw it away. You just can't" I can't remember if I cried, but they understood, they felt my pain.
By that time we already sent invitations to my family in Vinnitza. They started the process of inquiring the exit visa. My brother was already 16years old and missed him, my parents, my sister and my 6 years old niece terribly. We were hoping that they will not have any problems.
And then a very interesting thing happened. We were asked if we had a Jewish Wedding ceremony. What? What does it mean? We had no idea. So the local group from National Council of Jewish Women decided to "give" us a Jewish wedding. I was very excited, not even knowing what it all meant. Well, it was an unforgettible, happy and joyful day!
Jewish Wedding Ceremony in Hartford, CT

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