Thursday, October 25, 2018

#28~1976~May~Hartford, Ct

When we brought Elizabeth home from the hospital, I felt like I am the happiest woman ever lived. All the cute, adorable clothes, toys, crib, mobile, wipes, powders, lotions and diapers... How easy it was to take care of the baby. We did not have to spend countless hours on washing, drying and ironing the cloth diapers. I did not have to bundle the baby and she had a real crib to sleep in. Oh, what a joy!!! Mashoonya became a big sister. She was watching me change the diapers, rock the baby to sleep, nurse her and play with her.
One beautiful May afternoon we had a visitor. He was a photographer and said that he is here to take pictures of the baby. And it was free!!! I was not surprised, since we had pretty much everything free at that point. He did have me sign some papers, which I did not read. Why bother?! He  set up the table in the kitchen and was taking pictures. Elizabeth was only 3 or 4 weeks old and was so well behaved, cute and adorable. I was a very proud mama. When Felix came home from work, I told him about the photo session and he said that it was too good to be true. He was not very happy that I let strange man into the house.
In a few weeks, I was outside with kids playing. Our landlady, Dorothy came up to me and said that I had a visitor. It was a photographer with the pictures. But it was a different man, not the one who was taking pictures few weeks before. When I saw the photos of Elizabeth, I was ecstatic!!! They were beautiful!!! I said: "Thank you very much!" And he answered "You are welcome. It will be $50.00 for the package". WHAT??? $50.00???????? We did not have that kind of money! And I was told that it was free! Yes, taking pictures was free, but to have them it's $50.00. You signed the papers...
He saw how upset I was and said: "Why don't you think about it, show it to your husband. And I will be back tomorrow" When I asked him what is he going to do with the pictures if we will not buy them, he said he will just throw them away. I was so sad, upset and mad at myself... When Felix came home and I told him the whole story, he said:"I told you so, It's too good to be true". Ah, my husband, the realist! After long and hitted arguments, we decided to pay the man. And I am SO GLAD we did! I learned a great lesson that day:
DO NOT SIGN anything without reading!

Elizabeth 3 weeks old. Already holding her head!!!

Felix and Elizabeth

But life was good. I was learning the American way of life. Every day was an adventure, a new discovery, new breakthrough. We loved going shopping, visiting friends, having people over. The highlight of the week was our English teacher, Simon. He came every Tuesday night to help us with our English, USA history, politics and just every day life. He was a language professor at the University and Russian was one of the languages that he loved to teach. So we were helping each other and loved every minute of it.

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  1. You have a gift for storytelling! I am looking forward to reading more about your transition from the Soviet Union to the United States.