Thursday, January 10, 2019

#12~ 1973 ~ Married life

Despite difficult living conditions, we were happy. Felix kept reading letters to me from friends and his distant relatives, who immigrated to Israel, Canada and USA, he was talking again about the possibilities, promise and freedom abroad versus stagnating and hard times in Ukraine. I was beginning to see his point, but still fear, apprehension of unknown and unfamiliar was winning...Strong prpaganda aginst western world was weighing down on me.  I was scared to even think about it.

In August, during my summer school break we went on our honeymoon. Our destination was Georgian town Gagry. 

Gagry, where we had our honeymoon.

Place was beautiful, right on the coast of warm black sea, at the foot of  the Caucasus Mountains.
We rented small room, not too far from the beach. We enjoyed sunshine, stunning views, swimming and exploring.
At the local, colorfl market for the first time in my life I saw banana and pineapple and tried mango juice. We were very tight with money (UNDERSTATEMENT!!!), but I saw plenty of people living "good life", eating in the restaurants, buying expensive clothes, drinking wine and champagne.
One morning, we were in line for breakfast in a local outside cafeteria, and I fainted. Since I never had anything like this happen to me before, I was not ready for it. I just collapsed, my head missing the trunk of a huge tree by inches. When I came to, I saw Felix's worried face and a strange woman standing over me. She was smiling and said:"Honey, you are pragnant". Really? Really??? I am too young, I am still in college, I am not ready! But the fact was that I was preagnant and I was happy.  I knew that we will manage, I was confident that everything is going to be allright.

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  1. Yep; according to my calculations, you were 3 months pregnant (wink wink)