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#37 ~1979 - Rhythmic Gymnastics Team

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Nobody knew what Rhythmic Gymnastics was. I was trying to explain, demonstrate, promise that it is a spectacular sport, that it has future, that it's for the girls who love to dance, express themselves through the movement. I managed to gather 12 girls to start a Rhythmic Gymnastics team. One of my most talented students was Michelle Berube. Strong, flexible, dynamic! She attracted attention of other coaches and judges at the very first National Championships in Boston in 1979.
!978 ~ Marianna Davidovich, age 5 performing ribbon routine for the crowd in the local mall (Photo by Maina Davidovich).
I was so happy to have my Mom and Dad living with us! We did not need a babysitter any more!!! Girls were growing so fast. Masha was so little, but already developed taste of performing and being the center of attention...
After 3 years living in the States, we went to the the movies for the first time ("Cisco Kid").  I loved it!
We enjoyed driving to the lake in the summer, picking apples in the Fall, but winters were cold, very cold.
In the summer 1980 we visited my college friend in Jacksonville, Florida. She introduced us to the owner of the local Gymnastics school. And that was the pivotal point in our lives.

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