Monday, October 1, 2018

#31 ~ 1976 ~ June 16, Hartford, CT~ Jewish Wedding

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Marina Davidovich is getting ready for the wedding. Still not sure what to expect...

Frm L to R: Bernie Malofsky, Sharon Malofsky, Marina Davidovich, Felix Davidovich, Ida Davidovich, Diane Goldshlager, Rabbi Hans Bodenheimer, Michael Goldshlager. In front Marianna ( Masha) Davidovich

It was like a dream. I did not think that after telling my wonderful friends from National Council of Jewish Women that we did not have a jewish ceremony at our wedding in Kiev, they will get this idea of giving us a JEWISH WEDDING!!! Complete with the beautiful dress and veil for me, tuxedo for Felix, Rabbi, flowers, guests, presents, cake, the whole nine yards...We were celebrities: TV, Newspaper, interviews. Here is one of the articles. It was such a beautiful, happy, wonderful day!

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