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#5 ~ 1970 ~ High School

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Our school was very different from the schools here, in the US. We went to the same school from the first grade (elementary school) to the 10th grade ( high school). Teachers changed, subjects changed, but the core of students was the same. Since I was one of the the top students in my grade (about 120 kids), there was no question if I am going to College. The big question was: which one???
My English teacher wanted me to continue with languages, my math teacher was sure that I will be an engineer, my gymnastics coach had no doubt that I have to be  coach/choreographer and of course my dance instructor would not talk about anything else, but "grooming" me for a dancer/performer. Decisions, decisions...
Around March of 1970 we had 2 young men coming to our school. They were representing Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) College of Aviation Instrument Design. They were very good looking, well dressed, smart, funny, articulate, convincing and did I mention - very good looking. After several days of listening to them describe the College, asking questions, looking at the pictures, reading pamflets,  I made my decision: I am going to Leningrad. My friend, Ludmila Pogoran and I registered for 1 month of preparatory classes, which were going to start on June 1.
In May I passed final exams in school and my math teacher, Aron Isakovich was very happy with my decision.
After the exams, we all fell free, happy, looking forward to our future! We had a very memorable and exciting graduation ceremony and graduation ball. Beautiful dresses (my aunt Marta got me lace white dress), music, dancing, even champagne, staying up all night, watching sunrise. It seemed like anything is possible, anything is achievable!!!
End of June: bags packed, tickets purchased, goodbyes said and we are on our way to Leningrad, the most beautiful city in the world (at that time my world was rather small).

1970 ~ Marina is ready or not...for the independant life in Leningrad

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  1. Love it... you have me hanging on for the next part! I can "hear" your accent in your writing and I love that too...so endearing.