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#7 ~ 1970-1971 ~ NOW WHAT?

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Well, my plans of going to College in Leningrad were crashed. I came home and frankly did not know what to do. It's like my life hit the dead end, came to a halt. But I did not realise that when one tiny door was slammed in my face, so many huge windows of opportunity opened up! I continued with my gymnastics training. My coach could not be more delighted. I helped with younger kids, competed very successfully and enjoyed the fact that I did not have any home work! We trained in a big gymnasium, but did not know that the Gym did not have any heat. It was so freezing in the winter, that our coach and piano player had to wear coats, gloves and hats...I also danced in the company and was available to perform in and out of town.
My younger brother, Eduard was attending the same school that I graduated. One day (I think in September), he came home and said that the School Principal wanted me to come and see him. What? Principal's office? What have I done now? I was nervous and prepared a short speech explaining why I did get into College. When I came into his office, Michael Georgevich, my School principal ( everyone, including all the teachers were terrified of him) got up, put his arms around me and gave me a big bear hug. I did not expect this AT ALL! I started crying, but he took my hand and told me what a smart, talented, bright person I am and that I will have a very successful future in front of me. I practically looked around to see if he was talking to someone else. He offered me a job, paying job! teaching children dance classes in the school. UNHEARD OF!!! I immediately said "YES!" So overnight I turned from a sad little girl into a young lady, with even adults looking at me with respect and admiration.
Another exciting event happened: We got a telephone! OMG! It was a split line with our neighbors, which means: if I wanted to use it I needed to go outside on the balcony and yell "Get off the phone!" to my neighbor, since she was talking all the time. But it was a telephone! And we were one of the very few families that had this luxury.

                                              1970 ~ Marina ~ first year of teaching dance and gymnastics classes.

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  1. Oh my gosh, mom! Why haven't I EVER seen these photos! You were/are soooo adorable! I love you so much! You're the most amazing person in the world! Liz, Jo & I are the luckiest ;-) xox