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#4 ~ 1964 -1970 ~ Teenage years

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As I was getting older, I saw things that were hard to explain.
One day in the 6th grade we went to the city library that was  much bigger and better then our school library. When we stopped by the front desk, we were asked to fill out the library card. One of the questions was: your nationality. I looked over my friend's shoulder and wrote: "Ukrainian" just like she did. After all, we lived in Ukraine. But when the librarian took my card, she looked at me and said: "No, honey, you are a Jew". I could not understand how am I different from my friends: we speak the same language, go to the same school, eat the same food... But apparently, I was different.
My best friend in school was Olga Banit. I would go to her house very often to do homework together, play, or just "hang out". I was so surprised that they always had meat, fresh fruit, butter. They had telephone and even refrigerator! When I questioned my Mom about it, she said:"Olga's father is important, he works for the Government." But I still could not understand, could not agree.

Movies were often the "windows to the world". We especially loved foreign movies. Some of my favorites were "Funny Girl", "Sound of music". When we watched the movie, most of the time it was NOT the plot or great actors that fascinated us. What was incredible is that even simple people (not just in Government) had apartments, cars, food, gum, Coca-Cola (Oh, how we dreamed of tasting Coca-Cola!!!), and people could just move from one place to another without any problems. For us to move from one city to another was close to impossible.

Bit still, I was a very good student in school, was very successful in gymnastics, and in 9th grade I started character dancing, which was fun, exciting and dynamic. I loved performing, loved costumes and of course all the attention...
                                       May 1969 ~ Marina Davidovich performing in the Central theater, Vinnitza, Ukraine.
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